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We are located in the Bucks and Montgomery Counties of Pennsylvania, but have traveled to all the surrounding states (and beyond!) to capture weddings!

We thrive in natural-light but are ready to get down in the colorful strobes at your reception!

Pushing the boundaries of traditional posing to create authentic smiles and laughter are our goal!

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I'm Hannah!

The things that make me happiest in life are my incredible husband, Micah, my puppy Aylah, coffee OR chai, and Jesus of course! Some of my passions, aside from photography, include small home renovations and decorating, eating anything and everything that has cheese in it, and spending time with my favorite people! And whenever possible, I’ll be hanging out under an umbrella at the beach ... although living in PA means 9/10 times thats my mental state rather than physical.

I am a ball of adventure in the warmer months - hiking, beaching, and biking. But, winter keeps me cuddled under a blanket with my pup. I love plants but can’t keep them alive - tips would be much appreciated.

I'm Micah!

I’ve been told by many people growing up that I’m a bit of an old soul. I’m not sure if I fully agree with that though. Yes, I do love to lay back on the couch (you better believe there’s a grunt before I sit down and when I get up too). But I’ve grown up always riding something. Whether it was a dirt bike, longboard, snowboard, my first car. I was always itching to go fast. It usually just ended with me crashing. 


Speaking of rides, I also have an extensive collection of cars….well, hot wheels. I’ve always had a love for cars. After watching my father collect them and pass his down to me, I want to continue that passion. 


I’ve been a part of many worship teams playing guitar and singing. But nothing beats playing at home for yourself thinking you’ve just discovered a new chord after playing for hours. 


Being in my own home now I’ve noticed the birds outside a lot more. I’m not sure, but I think a passion for bird watching could be in my future. Guess they were sorta right about the whole old soul thing. 

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Capturing wedding days isn't just our job, it's our passion. No matter how many weddings we have the privilege of capturing each year, every one of them is new and unique like each couple! It's something we hold as such a high honor!


While it might sound like fun to attend a rad party every weekend - we see the value behind all the beauty. Our focus is on the two of you - celebrating your love and committing to each other for the rest of your lives! Its incredible and wonderful and we believe in EVERY bit of it!


God has given us the amazing picture of His love for us through marriage and we are SO blessed to be a part of this intimacy in so many lives. It's something we will never take for granted!

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Start out by looking around our site and exploring every page! Look through our photos and films tabs to get familiar with our style to decide if you love the way our products look.

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Visit our 'book us' page and tell us more about you by submitting a contact form. We will schedule a meeting via FaceTime or Zoom to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have!


So we've met and we've clicked, and you decided that we are the best fit to capture your wedding day (YAY). We will send over a contract to sign and an invoice for the 40% retainer fee - once paid, the date belongs to you!

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Now we get to hangout! We will help you plan a fun engagement session with just the right location to match your style. You will learn how we direct and pose you (no, we won't leave you hanging!) and get comfortable in front of our cameras. Which, we promise is so easy when we act like goofballs behind the lens.


During this 'limbo' period we keep in touch answering any questions you may have and helping you wherever we can. Three (3) months before your wedding we start talking about a timeline that will allow us to capture everything and in the best light possible!

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The big day is here! We will text you the morning-of about how we cannot wait to see you and serve you throughout the day! We will be by your side to dry bouquet stems, pin on boutonnieres, grab you a drink to party with, and of course, capture every moment! 


The week after your wedding you will receive previews to share wherever your heart desires! Within three (3) months of your wedding date the full gallery will be in your hands! EEP!

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The Hillside Experience
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